SBS Trucking is registered in Namibia and South Africa as a closed corporation (CC) under the Closed Corporations Act of 1988. The company is owned and managed by both Mr. Clauss R. Beukes and Mr. Waldo A. Beukes, both being previously disadvantaged Namibians. They have collective experience of more than 23 years in the transport industry.

Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Clauss R. Beukes
He is the driving force behind the phenomenal growth of the business, possessing the resilience and determination necessary to keep SBS Trucking at the forefront in a very competitive market.

Chief Operating Officer - Mr. Waldo A. Beukes
Beginning his career in the transport industry as a driver, he quickly moved through the ranks to become an operations manager. This first-hand experience provided him with the necessary skills and experience to enable him to maintain operational and cost-effectiveness for SBS Trucking.
The SBS Trucking labor force consists of semi-skilled to skilled employees, and up skilling is taking place on a regular basis. A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is developed for each and every employee in line with the implementation of a Performance Management System throughout the organization. Union representation is only available in South Africa, and very good communication exists between management and union representatives. Namibian staff is not affiliated with any union.


To provide excellence in logistics service encompassed by tailormade solutions to foster safe and timely deliveries, with fair and competitive pricing while adding further value to our client’s business.


Our vision is to become the recognized leader in Namibia’s transport industry for long and short distance road freight transportation of goods.

SBS Trucking
 is a well-established road freight transport and courier company located just outside Windhoek, Namibia. The business transports a variety of general cargo and goods between South Africa and Namibia and also offers a dedicated overnight road freight courier service between Windhoek and the central and northern coast of Namibia

SBS Trucking started out in 2003 as a home-based transport business with one medium-sized truck, transporting mostly finished upholstery leather goods for Nakara from Windhoek to Cape Town and collecting industrial chemicals used by Nakara and other Namibian tanneries.

From its humble beginnings, SBS Trucking experienced rapid growth. Within a couple of years, the company opened a depot in Cape Town to accommodate the efficient handling of the increased loads on the Windhoek – Cape Town route. Soon, SBS Trucking expanded its transport services to include the Windhoek – Johannesburg route. The opening of a depot in Johannesburg followed shortly to cater for an ever-increasing demand for transport and freight services.

In June 2015, SBS Trucking expanded its services into the courier market and established an overnight road freight service between Windhoek and the central and northern coastal towns of Namibia. A depot was also opened in Swakopmund to ensure the smooth operation of this service.

In order to handle the increase in transport and courier services, SBS Trucking also had to gradually increase its number of trucks and vehicles. Currently, the SBS fleet consists of eleven 34-ton trucks (interlinks) and various smaller delivery trucks and pick-ups.